Vegan Chocolate Pie

Vegan Chocolate Pie

I love chocolate. I love pies. Therefore, I LOVE chocolate pies! However, as a vegan, chocolate is hard to love due to the lack of dairy. This recipe solves that by using some clever tricks to get round the lack of dairy – tofu and almond/rice/soy milk (I used almond). This vegan chocolate pie really is fantastic, and really looks the business if you serve it as dessert at a dinner party. Your non-vegan friends will be astounded when you tell them it is vegan!

A good time saving tip is to prepare the crust in advance of making the filling, or even better, use a vegan premade pie base, and then all you have to do is blend up the filling and then chilling it in the fridge.

Vegan Chocolate Pie

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Food52. You can get this delicious Vegan Chocolate Pie recipe by clicking here.


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