Simple Zucchini Linguine

Simple Zucchini Linguine

A lot of the recipes that I find and post here seem to be really easy to make. I think this is because although I enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating a lot more! Therefore, I want to spending as little time as possible preparing a cooking a meal, so I can get the good bit of eating it nice and quickly! This fantastic Simple Zucchini Linguine recipe is no exception here, it is super easy, and super quick to prepare and cook.

You basically cook up the linguine (swap out for spaghetti if you prefer), and in the meantime, you spiralize the zucchini and cook it up with the garlic. This only takes about eight minutes, then once it’s softened nicely, you add the linguine to the pan and toss it together. Serve up and add the delicious tomatoes which not only add some flavor, but also make the dish look really pretty with the contrasting red and green colors.

Simple Zucchini Linguine

Simple Zucchini Linguine Ingredients

  • 2 large zucchini, or 3 medium
  • A punnet of ripe cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • Olive oil
  • 1 large bunch of fresh basil, chopped
  • Salt and pepper
  • Linguine (spaghetti will work too)

Remember, if you make this recipe, please let us know via the comments below. Or, alternatively, let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we will give you a retweet. This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of An Ode to Mung Beans. You can get this delicious Simple Zucchini Linguine recipe by clicking here.



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