Mango Curry with Chickpeas

mango curry with chickpeas

There’s one thing that us vegans seem to do very well, and that is curries. Ever since I turned vegan, it seems that my consumption of curry has gone through the roof! There’s one thing that I always have to have with my curries, and that is mango chutney – I seem to go through jars of the stuff, so I knew from the off that I was going to love this fantastic recipe for Mango Curry with Chickpeas.

Don’t feel that you need to cook this recipe with chickpeas – you can swap it out for tofu or vegetables just as easily if that is your preference, or if you don’t have nay chickpeas to hand. It’s really easy to cook – just needs the one pot, and the recipe uses canned mango puree, so you don’t even need to hunt down a fresh mango.

Serve it up with some rice and a naan bread, maybe even some poppadoms – and just because this curry contains mango, don’t feel that you need to do without the mango chutney – I certainly didn’t!

Remember, if you make this recipe, please let us know via the comments below. Or, alternatively, let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we will give you a retweet. This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Vegan Richa. You can get this delicious Mango Curry with Chickpeas recipe by clicking here.



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