June 2018 Prize Draw – Vegan 100

vegan 100

The prize that we’ve chosen for June is the vegan recipe book called “Vegan 100” by Gaz Oakley. This book is getting some amazing reviews on Amazon, so we’re very excited to be bringing it as a prize to you guys.

To enter this competition, just fill out the form on this page. Good luck, let’s see if we can get over 1,000 entries this month!


  1. I’m new to the ‘vegan scene’ but familiar with many vegetarian recipes. I am getting used to the ingredients required for many of the recipes. My challenge is that I live in a small town and have to travel to the larger city for the recipe ingredients, however, I shop vegan whenever I’m required to be in the city, so it’s a matter of multi-tasking and bringing my vegan list when I’m travelling into the city.


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