Common Vegan Substitutes for Animal Products and By-Products

vegan substitutes

One of the most challenging things about becoming a vegan is cooking common recipes. Some would even argue that being vegan means finding ways to be creative. Eggs, butter, mayo, and meat in general are eaten and cooked with in mass quantities, but since you have made the choice to eliminate these, alternatives are needed.

No recipe is off limits. After reading this post, you should be able to make anything with the vegan substitute for animal products and by-products.

The obvious vegan substitutes: faux meats

There happens to be a whole industry dedicated to giving vegans what they can’t have in a way that they can. There are many different brands and choices that are meant to have the same taste and textures as their counterparts. You can basically find every type of meat, including: 

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Bacon
  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Chicken

While the above are just the main categories, everything within those classifications can be found as well, such as deli meat, burgers, hot dogs, ground meat, etc. All of these faux meats act as a good transition from carnivore to omnivore, but from a health standpoint they really aren’t an ideal choice.

The not so obvious vegan substitutes: by-products

When cooking, most recipes call for eggs, milk, butter, etc. What’s the way around this? Keep reading to find out. 

  • Milk- Milk is probably the easiest to find a substitute for. The most common is using soymilk, but there are now a very wide variety of nut milks available on the market. You have choices from almond milk to cashew milk, as well as rice milk and oat milk.
  • Eggs- There are a couple ways to substitute eggs. It depends on what you are making, but a typical go-to ingredient is flaxseed or chia seed. Mix with water, let set, and you will have a binding mixture with similar consistency of a normal egg. Applesauce and mashed bananas are options of variations also.
  • Cheese- There are many brands of vegan cheese that you can readily buy, but making a cashew cheese sauce at home is an excellent option.
  • Stock- Similar to milk, stock is an easy one. You can buy ready-made vegetable stock or make your own with leftover trimmings.
  • Butter- The best substitutes for butter are those that you’ll find in the store. Use margarine, but check the labels carefully. Or you could start using sunflower or coconut oil.
  • Yogurt and Sour Cream- Again, there are lots of non-dairy yogurts and a few sour creams at you local supermarket or health shop. You can also try making your own sour cream with silken tofu.
  • Ice Cream- Who wants to give up ice cream? You don’t have to. There are non-dairy ice creams in store, but the best, healthiest, and tastiest way to enjoy the frozen treat is to make your own by throwing some berries, coconut milk, and vanilla extract into a blender.

Although it may take some planning, extra preparation, and getting used to, you should never feel like you have to forgo the food you loved in the past. If it makes it easier, find a healthy medium by having some products ready-made from the store, while others being homemade in your kitchen. Have fun experimenting!


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