Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Vegan Soup Recipes

This amazing collection of vegan soup recipes include many different styles of soup such as Japanese noodle, chowder, creamy soups, and much, much more. Here at MyVeganMenu, we feel that you can eliminate ALL animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy, and still be able to enjoy delicious food.

If you have a vegan soup recipe that you would like to share with us, then we would love to try it out too. Just click here to submit a recipe and we will give it a try and share it to all our wonderful readers.

Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Roasted Yellow Tomato Soup with Grilled ‘Cheese’ Croutons

With garden-fresh tomatoes in abundant supply, summer and fall are the perfect times to enjoy this quick and easy roasted yellow tomato soup. This recipe is versatile enough to be enjoyed on warm summer...
Hearty Vegan Minestrone Soup

Hearty Vegan Minestrone Soup

This is a soup recipe that I found well over a year ago, so I really wanted to share an updated version now that the soup-season is upon us yet again! While I find it...
Spicy Indian Vegan Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

Spicy Indian Vegan Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

It had been far too long since I had made some Indian food for dinner, and when I saw that our fridge had so much sweet potato, it was obvious that I had to...
Cream of Asparagus Soup

Cream of Asparagus Soup

Ah, asparagus - one of my most favorite vegetables. Whether it's in pasta, stir fry, salads or in this case, a soup - it's so deliciously tasty and also very easy and quick to...
Cabbage Soup

Hunky Heartbeet Cabbage Soup

Wow - the amazing, deep red color of this delicious cabbage and beet soup looks so great. This soup will be a real topic of conversation if you served it up at a dinner...

Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Ok, so a vegan Broccoli and Cheese Soup sounds impossible right? Wrong! As with many vegan cheese substitutes, the cheesy flavor comes from the nutritional yeast, and this is an ingredient that most vegans will have...

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