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Vegan Main Recipes

This amazing collection of vegan main recipes include such culinary delights such as curries, stir-fries, salads, burgers, stews, and much, much more. Here at MyVeganMenu, we feel that you can eliminate ALL animal products such as meat, eggs, and dairy, and still be able to enjoy delicious food.

If you can’t find anything that you like in this section, don’t forget that many of our amazing vegan starter recipes can be made into main courses as well.

If you have a vegan recipe that you would like to share with us, then we would love to try it out too. Just click here to submit a recipe and we will give it a try and share it to all our wonderful readers.

Refreshing Mixed Berry Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Refreshing Mixed Berry Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Fresh seasonal berries and mint give this vibrant salad a refreshing burst of flavor. The addition of raspberries to the homemade vinaigrette lends some natural sweetness to this otherwise sugar-free dish. Tip: Chill salad plates...
Thanksgiving Pizza | Fall Flatbread

Thanksgiving Pizza | Fall Flatbread

Pizza for Thanksgiving? Sure why not. This “fall flatbread” features butternut squash purée, roasted yellow and purple potatoes, balsamic brussels sprouts, mushrooms, caramelized onions and cranberry coulis. So, you know, I’m really not in the...

Baked Chile Relleno With Fresh Tomato Sauce And Potato-bean Filling

When I think of chile relleno, I think of “restaurant” food, or special occasion food. I seldom made these in the past because they can be pretty labor intensive, and they are traditionally fried...
Carrot Dogs

Carrot Dogs with Mango Avocado Salsa

Now, bear with me on this one. When my non-vegan friends first saw me at a barbeque earlier this summer chomping on Carrot Dogs, it did cause a few raised eyebrows and several smiles and...
Classic Chinese “no-chicken” salad

Classic Chinese “no-chicken” salad

Big salads gone meatless! Vegan Chinese Chicken Salad aka Chinese No-Chicken Salad has all the flavor of the classic dish, without the meat. I’m in a “mega salad” mood right now. It could be because...
cous cous salad

Colourful Sumac Giant Cous Cous Salad

As a vegan, I tend to find that people assume that salads are all I ever eat! This is actually far from the case and people are always surprised just how varied a vegan...
Buffalo tofu collard wraps

Buffalo tofu collard wraps

Healthy lunch idea alert – Buffalo Tofu Collard Wraps! Baked tofu is tossed in buffalo sauce and accompanied by crunchy veggies with a creamy cashew ranch dressing, all wrapped in a collard leaf. I made...

Gluten free veggie nuggets

These gluten free veggie nuggets are completely free of wheat, soy, dairy, & eggs. No mysterious binding ingredients. Just veggies, spices and my secret ingredient, crushed corn tortilla chips! I have to say that it...
Vegan Burritos

Easy Vegan Burritos

I love Mexican food, tacos, burritos, fajitas, nom nom nom nom. This amazing vegan recipe for Easy Vegan Burritos come highly recommended from one of my friends who swears by it. It's delicious, easy...
Oil-free Raw Vegan Avocado Pine Nut Pesto

Oil-free Raw Vegan Avocado Pine Nut Pesto

Last Sunday I promised my little sister to make Stuffed Bell Peppers, and usually I use the Roasted Zucchini Pesto as the main seasoning. However, when I was searching through my fridge I saw...
Miso Lentil Soup

Miso Lentil Soup with Sweetcorn and Zucchini

This amazing Miso Lentil Soup is vegan, gluten free, and can even be soy free (replace the miso with chickpea miso). This may look more like a stew from the photos, but you can loosen...
Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

There's nothing quite like being curled up on a sofa when it's raining or freezing cold outside with a big bowl of delicious mac and cheese. That's why I decided to make this Butternut Squash...

Latest Recipes

Baked Eggplant Parmesan Bites

Bite-sized eggplant parmesan is a cute holiday appetizer idea, served with tomato sauce as a dip. Or, serve them on toothpicks with a cherry...