Broccoli and Cheese Soup


Ok, so a vegan Broccoli and Cheese Soup sounds impossible right? Wrong! As with many vegan cheese substitutes, the cheesy flavor comes from the nutritional yeast, and this is an ingredient that most vegans will have in their cupboards as it is super useful.

Regular readers of this website will know that I’m a big fan of soups, especially nice, hearty, warming soups and in the northern hemisphere we’re getting to that part of the year when these soups really come into their own, and that is why I’ve been searching and making a lot of these soup recipes recently. Well, this one was a great success and that’s why I’m posting it up here and you can check out the link to the full article below. It not only tastes great, it looks great as well.

This soup is not the simplest one to make and it requires quite a few ingredients and around 30 minutes of preparation time, so maybe one for the weekend when you may have a bit more time at your disposal – not something to whip up after a stressful day at work! As with most soups, this is a great one to make a big batch of and then freeze in portion size, then you can have a delicious soup tucked away in your freezer, just waiting to be cooked up and devoured!

Remember, if you make this recipe, please let us know via the comments below. Or, alternatively, let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we will give you a retweet. This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Oh She Glows. You can get this delicious Broccoli and Cheese Soup recipe by clicking here.



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