Beet Love Super Juice

Beet Love Super Juice

Beets (or beetroot if you’re from the UK) are one of the new fad superfoods when it comes to exercise. I do a lot of running and triathlons, and lots of members of my triathlon club have started swearing by the beet juice that they drink in the week or so leading up to a big race. Therefore, when I saw this “Beet Love Super Juice” recipe from Veganosity, it’s fair to say that I was keen to try it out.

It’s dead easy to make, just three ingredients (beet, apples and a lime). Just peel the beet and whack into a juicer with the apples and lime (the apples help sweeten the taste), and then strain the juice and serve chilled or with ice.

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This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Veganosity. You can get this delicious Beet Love Super Juice recipe by clicking here.


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